About Us

National Lifesaving & Aquatics (NLA) was founded in 2002 to provide professional aquatics training in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. As an authorized provider of aquatics training, our certifications are recognized by state and local agencies. Over the years, NLA has provided professional certification training to thousands of satisfied students.

NLA specializes in working directly with local pool management companies to create classes that are customized to meet their needs. In addition, our clients have access to our on-line database of their students who completed our training which can be useful to verify training, create staffing reports, order duplicate certifications, and more. Please contact us directly to learn more about our services.

Because NLA works closely with local employers, we guarantee our students will have employment opportunities upon successful completion of our training. Even if you don’t complete our training the first time, you may participate in any of our future classes at no additional cost. If you are considering becoming a lifeguard or just need to get re-certified, NLA is a great choice. You may use our website to sign up for one of currently scheduled classes or contact us for more information.